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Foley, C. & Murphy, M.
2013 June
Stress and Anxiety: Applications to Health and Well-Being, Work Stressors, and Assessment’
“A roller coaster ride” Thematic analysis of the experience of occupational stress in Irish teachers.
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Stress Burnout Teachers Thematic Analysis Irish

Faced with an increased workload and reduced resources, teachers in Ireland are currently experiencing significant changes in their working conditions. It is likely that these changes will place further pressure on teachers in what has consistently been identified as a particularly stressful occupation. This study explores how Irish teachers experience, understand and cope with work-related stress. Focus groups were conducted with 20 second-level teachers from the greater Cork city area. Thematic analysis of the data suggested that confrontations with parents, divisions among staff and perceived unfair treatment by school management were seen as particularly stressful. Classroom issues such as disruptive students and rising class sizes were also identified as challenging. Age was an important factor, with younger teachers describing the stress of attaining and keeping a job. Findings suggest that teachers experience a variety of stressors – in class, in the staff room and outside of school. Individual differences also appear to play an important role.

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