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Scriven, Richard
Conference of Irish Geographers 2012
Embodied mobilities of pilgrims in Ireland
Trinity College Dublin
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Pilgrimage Practices: Embodied mobilities of pilgrims in Ireland 
In this poster, I will present an overview of my engagement with pilgrimage practices, as an embodied mobility, in contemporary Ireland. The research will be based on pilgrimage as it is manifest in case-study sites: local/regional devotional sites, primarily holy wells, in the Cork/Kerry region and a national pilgrimage space, Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo. Pilgrimage, a religious/spiritual or meaningful/sentimental practice, has a distinctly spatial nature. Pilgrimage has been the topic of geographic interest for several decades now; however, the recent ‘mobilities turn’ offers new possibilities for the study of pilgrimage. Treating pilgrimage as an embodied mobility allows for research that is focused on movement as geographical concept. The active nature of pilgrimage means that both subjects (pilgrims) and spaces (sacred places/landscapes) can be seen to be defined by and to emerge through their interactions with each other. In theoretical and methodological terms, I am eager to engage with pilgrimage in terms of both its representational (meanings, symbols, narratives) and practical/nonrepresentational (experiences, beliefs, the sensual) natures. This research process aims to further both understandings and appreciations of pilgrimage practices and discussions regarding the geographies of mobilities. 

Department of Geography, UCC