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Scriven, Richard
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference
Pilgrimage as embodied mobility: approaches and methods
University of Edinburgh
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Pilgrimage as embodied mobility: approaches and methods   
This will paper will outline my engagement with pilgrimage practices, as an embodied mobility, in contemporary Ireland. Pilgrimage is a distinctly spatial human behaviour, involving performances that are centred on specific places. Although pilgrimage has been the topic of geographic study for several decades now, links between it and the recent ‘mobilities turn’ are still being forged. The practice of pilgrimage can be seen as a process involving the subjects (pilgrims) and the spaces (sacred places/landscapes) both being defined by and, even, emerging through their interactions with each other. The study of pilgrimage as an embodied mobility will involve frameworks and approaches that can considered pilgrimage in terms of both the representational (understandings, narratives, ideologies) and the practical/nonrepresentational (embodied experiences, beliefs, sensual). This requires the consideration of methodological challenges in attempts to access and capture a holistic appreciation of pilgrimage (including the experiential and sensual, as much as the observable and representable) as it is occurring in place. The research is concerned with local/regional devotional sites (holy wells and shrines) and a national pilgrimage space (Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo).