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Scriven, Richard
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference
Weaving Paths: Movement, landscapes, and corporeal encounters
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Weaving Paths: Movement, landscapes, and corporeal encounters

In this paper, I explore how the people walking along pilgrimage routes interact with the landscape in a process of path-making that shapes both themselves and the spaces involved. Recent engagements with landscape, being influenced by phenomenological and non-representational approaches, have conceived of it as a dynamic process, highlighting the active and unfolding nature of these spaces. I explore these ideas by walking, both alone and with others, along pilgrimage trails in Ireland. A network of such paths, both ancient and modern, is found across the island; these having been developed as heritage trails and as spiritual ways.  My experiences and encounters along these trails shape my considerations of how people (and bodies), spaces and natural/material elements entwine and continually become in a process of corporeal movement, practice and belief. I seek to appreciate how the meaningful movement of walking the route involves an active engagement with the landscape that opens up along these paths. Speculation on conceptual and methodological approaches and challenges will be offered as contributions for advancing discussions and making connections. 

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UCC