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O' Connor, B.; Scarrott, R.; O' Dwyer, N.; O' Neill, B.; Donnelly, A.
Use of Remote Sensing in Phenological Research in Ireland; In:Climate Change Impacts on Phenology: Implications for Terrestrial Ecosystems.
Dublin, Ireland
Environmental Protection Agency
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phenology, satellite, Ireland, climate change,
This large-scale "Climate Change Impacts on Phenology:Implications for Terrestrial Ecosystems" project aimed to: (i) establish a sustainable network of phenology gardens across Ireland, (ii) locate and analyse historic phenological records of birds and trees, (iii) conduct experiments to provide data upon which to develop models to predict future timing of bud burst resulting from rising temperatures, and (iv) raise awareness among  establish a sustainable network of phenologyawareness amongthe scientific community and the general public of the impact of climate change on the environment.

O' Neill, B.; Donnelly, A.
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