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Orla Murphy
Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
Southampton U
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Through the Reading Glass - Re/Presenting Knowledge Without Pages.

Archaeological Computing and Digital Humanities are contested disciplines.  Variously described in contemporary scholarly discourses as ‘emerging’ and ‘established’ - both push knowledge creation and remediation forward, often crossing disciplinary boundaries.  By embracing innovation the disciplines explore how digitality supports, augments, and acts as a catalyst for the transformation of data into knowledge or the even more contested term ‘meaning’, which remains at the centre of Humanities’ concerns.   The glass screen changes how we experience artifacts - dynamic linking environments, augmented reality, and virtual reality, require new effort as writers and readers in all disciplines situate themselves simultaneously or asynchronously in new dimensions. However, a key issue persists: how can we communicate this knowledge in the best possible way? Both disciplines are concerned with information visualization, interpretation, knowledge representation, and developing an engaged participatory scholarship that negotiates new forms of narrative arc.
Southampton U