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Kelleher, S.
The Journal of Nursing Education
The perceived benefits of study abroad programmes for nursing students: An integrative review.
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Study abroad programmes that offer health experiences in another country have become an important method in nursing education to increase students understanding of cultural competence and intercultural sensitivity and present nursing students with new ideas and possibilities. Despite the many alleged positive attributes associated with such programmes, a gap exists in the overall understanding of the actual benefits obtained by pre-registration nursing students who study abroad. Using Coopers (1982) framework thirteen studies that explored the benefits of study abroad programmes for pre-registration nursing students were reviewed. Findings suggest that participation in a study abroad experience is associated with a number of benefits for nursing students including various forms of personal and professional growth, cultural sensitivity and competence, and cognitive development. While the research outcomes are encouraging, the nursing literature regarding this topic is limited and more rigorous research studies are needed in order to soundly support this educational practice.
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