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Conroy, M. A.; Petkov, N.; Li, H. N.; Sadler, T. C.; Zubialevich, V.; Holmes, J. D.; Parbrook, P. J.
ECS Transactions
Preparation of substrates intended for the growth of lower threading dislocation densities within nitride based UV multiple quantum wells
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Vol. 53(2)
Toronto, ON, Canada

In this study a variety of nano-patterning techniques were applied to III-N device fabrication. A block co-polymer/metal oxide novel surface texturing method was utilised to achieve a long ranged ordered template. Nano-sphere lithography was also applied to UV multiple quantum well (MQW) structural growth using a silica nanoparticle monolayer as the mask. The monolayer was produced by a self-assembly technique without the need for either a spin coater or Langmuir-Blodgett trough resulting in a low cost arrangement. Using these nano-sized masks allows for the production of nano-rods in a much simpler method than previously used techniques. For comparison nano-rods were made by electron beam lithography at various diameters and lengths for a comprehensive investigation of crystal defects, in particular threading dislocations (TDs).

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