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McCreary, C., Curtin, S., Ni Riordan, R., & Trace, A.
IADR Irish Division Annual Scientific Meeting
Cork University Dental School & Hospital Dental Satisfaction Questionnaire.
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BACKGROUND: An evaluation of the interpersonal skills and clinical competencies of dental clinicians is vital because it provides an indication of the level of care and service provided by dental hospitals. In addition to examining interpersonal and clinical skills, it is also critical to survey patientís attitudes, beliefs and level of satisfaction with the service provided. The aim of this study is to evaluate patient satisfaction in the Cork University Dental School and Hospital (CUDSH). METHOD: Patients (N=113) attending the dental hospital completed three questionnaires: the Dental Satisfaction Questionnaire designed to measure patients opinions and attitudes about dentistry, e.g. access to service, pain management, and quality of care; The Dental Beliefs Survey designed to measure the dentistís behaviour, and how the care is delivered as perceived by the patient; and the Communication Assessment Tool used to assess the dentistsí interpersonal and communication skills. RESULTS: In relation to general satisfaction about quality of care, patients revealed that they had confidence in the clinicianís dental skills, with the dentist demonstrating respect, care and concern for the patient. Patients believed that the dentists acted professionally, and that the patients were given time, and that their views were taken seriously. CONCLUSION: Patientsí perception of the CUDSH has been rated highly, especially in the areas of patient-dentist interpersonal communication, evaluation of professional competencies, and service satisfaction ratings. In regards to improving the service, some key recommendations were that more information about dental procedures should be provided and, generally, that dentists should do more to reduce patientsí pain.

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