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O Leary, K.; Dockray, S.
The 13th Annual Nursing & Midwifery Research Conference.
Differences in the factor structure of gratitude based on parity
The Catherine McAuley School of Nursing & Midwifery, University College Cork
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Aims: Positive psychological constructs, such as gratitude, have demonstrated the potential to improve psychological and physical well-being. Gratitude has yet to be investigated with pregnant women. This study examined the factor structure of a newly developed gratitude scale for use during pregnancy (GDP), and examined differences in gratitude based on participant parity.

Method: 366 pregnant women completed an online questionnaire examining levels of gratitude. Participants were experiencing their first (n= 97) or a subsequent (n= 269) pregnancy.  The structure of the GDP was examined using factor analytic and inter-item reliability statistics.  The sample was also grouped by parity, and the statistical strength of the GDP examined for group differences.

 Findings:   The data fit a four-factor structure, with 18 items for the whole measure.  Although parous groups shared factor structure of the GDP, the factor structure for the nulliparous group was different.  Further analysis indicated an improved fit of an alternative four-factor structure, with 20 items, for the nulliparous group.
Discussion: This is the first study to examine gratitude during pregnancy and to examine the structure of positive psychological constructs based on participant parity. The findings indicate that parity status influences the structure and experience of positive aspects of pregnancy. Addressing parity-based differences in future intervention work will enhance our ability to promote and maintain well-being during pregnancy.