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E. Quiroga-González, J. Carstensen, C. Glynn, C. O'Dwyer, H. Föll
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Pore size modulation in electrochemically etched macroporous p-type silicon monitored by FFT impedance spectroscopy and Raman scattering
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The understanding of the mechanisms of macropore formation in p-type Si with respect to modulation of the pore diameter is still in its infancy. In the present work, macropores with significantly modulated diameters have been produced electrochemically in p-type Si. The effect of the current density and the amount of surfactant in the etching solution are shown to influence the modulation in pore diameter and morphology. Data obtained during the etching process by  FFT impedance spectroscopy correlate the pore diameter variation with certain time constants found in the kinetics of the dissolution process. Raman scattering and electron microscopy confirm the mesoscopic structure and roughening of the pore walls. Spectroscopic and microscopic methods confirm that the pore wall morphology is correlated with the conditions of pore modulation.!divAbstract
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