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O'Flynn, S;Power, S;Hennessy, M;Lapthorne, S;Mills, A
Guidance Counsellors' perspectives on revised entry and selection mechanisms to medicine and the HPAT
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Revised entry and selection mechanisms to medicine were introduced in 2009. Guidance counsellors are a key stakeholder group. A questionnaire was administered through a national database of guidance counsellors evaluating their opinion of all aspects of the reforms, their recommendations for an ideal selection system and determining the advice they give to applicants in relation to HPAT preparation. Opinions were mixed in relation to; being in favour of the new entry and selection mechanisms, their fairness, the advisability of meeting matriculation requirements in one leaving certificate sitting and moderation of leaving certificate points, with 52%, 49%, 52% and 50% agreeing with these positions, respectively. Support was expressed for other entry and selection methods not in use in Ireland. In relation to the HPAT; section 2 questions which measure interpersonal understanding were felt to be most acceptable and approximately half of guidance counsellors recommend that applicants take a commercial preparatory course.
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