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Hartigan,I.,O'Connor,I.,Keane, T.
British Journal of Cardiac Nursing
The Role of the Cardiovascular Public Health Nurse in Ireland
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Nurse, Cardiac rehabilitation services
Cardiac rehabilitation services are vital to patients and their carers, particularly in easing the transition from the hospital to the home. Cardiac nurses have specialised knowledge and fulfil a range of functions in cardiac rehabilitation. The role of cardiac nurses in the community in Ireland is known as the cardiovascular public health nurse and has a multi-faceted role which requires a broad range of knowledge, expertise and skills. This article introduces the role of the cardiovascular public health nurse in Ireland, and gives an account of patients' experiences. This small study showed that cardiovascular public health nurses are well regarded by patients and are a valuable contribution to cardiac rehabilitation services.;article=cn_8_4_184_188;format=pdf#
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