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De La Garza, Armida
Film & Fashion: Unlocking the Synergies
Conference designed to engage the Fashion Industry in Ningbo, China
Ningbo, China
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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The fashion industry is among the most important, both from an economic and from a cultural perspective, commanding high revenues and forging identities. Historically, it has been production and trade that have determined the rise and fall of fashion centres. Although Paris retains centre stage, after the Second World War American fashion was able to carve out a niche for itself and the film industry was fundamental for this to happen. Not only did cinema help to disseminate fashion by filming and broadcasting shows, and then orchestrating large-scale tie-in contracts with designers and manufacturers, but Hollywood also enlisted stars and celebrities into a most symbiotic relation that continues today. And today, production and trade are once again changing, opening up an opportunity for Chinese fashion to establish itself at the forefront of this increasingly global industry. China, after all, has a long history as a fine textile manufacturer and its population have excelled in the craftsmanship required to produce top quality fashion. We believe film can do a great deal for the flourishing of creativity and marketing in fashion. This seminar today is our contribution to those efforts.
Ningbo Minister for the Apparel Industry