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Tibaut, Rebolj, Menzel, Jardim-Goncalves
2013 October
Learning Paradigms and Applications, Agent-based Approach
Inter-university virtual learning environment
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Keywords: Inter-university, virtual learning environment, federated approach, high level architecture, dynamic interoperability, ontology, software agents
Abstract. Virtual learning environments are irreversibly shaping the way of teaching and learning at universities. They have become more and more popular as practitioners recognized the advantages virtual learning environments offer when applied in online teaching and learning. Nevertheless, most of the virtual learning environments do not provide straightforward support for interuniversity interoperability between heterogeneous learning environments. This paper presents a use case of ITC-Euromaster with collaboration concept for inter- university interoperability. Furthermore, a taxonomy, an ontology and a high level architecture using intelligent software agents that enable dynamic inter- university interoperability are proposed to further develop an existing virtual learning environment used among four European universities.
ISBN 978-3-642-41964-5
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