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Kopke, K and O'Mahony C.
CoastGIS 2013: Monitoring and Adapting to Change on the Coast
Is it all about the data? A review on the use of existing data to populate sustainability indicators for Europe's coasts
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ICZM, web-GIS, data management, Indicator
Rodolphe Devillers, Cassandra Lee, Rosaline Canessa and Andrew Sherin
Victoria, BC, Canada
Data availability and quality to provide sound information for regional coastal decision and policy makers is seen as a basic requirement to successfully support sustainable development of the coastal zone. The use of indicator based assessments, identified by European coastal practitioners as a methodology to support coastal sustainable development, seems to be hindered by problems with utilising existing data. In contrast vast amount of datasets and information collated across Europe are seen to be relevant to develop Coastal GIS in order to provide decision support for sustainable coastal development. This review is looking at the challenges reported when utilising existing data sources in Coastal GIS and coastal sustainability indicator projects in order to make policy relevant observations and recommendations that address these challenges
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