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Aileen Burton, Ìrma Mikkonen, Catherine Buckley, Sile Creedon, Marja-Anneli Hynynen, Marit Kiljako, Lilija Kuzminskiene, Patricia Leahy-Warren, Inga Mikutaviciene, Seija Puputti, Vilma Rasteniene, Riita Riikonen, Piret Simm, Eve-Merike Soovali, Arja-Irene Tiainen, Ritva Väistö
Applied nursing research : ANR
An analysis of the existing resources in relation to education and treatment of diabetes in four European countries: Estonia, Finland, Ireland, and Lithuania
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Diabetes, Counselling, Nurse education
Diabetes has reached pandemic proportions worldwide. To address and assist health care professionals in maintaining and updating their knowledge base on diabetes care, a multilateral project within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme and the Erasmus Curriculum Development - sub programme was initiated in 2008. Four European countries are involved in the project - Estonia, Finland, Ireland and Lithuania. Across all four countries the prevalence of diabetes is rising rapidly. The project's (DIPRA - Counselling for Practice - a pilot of improving counselling quality of diabetes) main product will be an on-line study module on patient education and counselling for health care professionals. The management of diabetes demands a broad range of skills which include, communication, leadership, counselling, teaching and research to name but a few. While it is acknowledged that nurses can incorporate these skills into practice and so benefit the care of the patient there is no uniformity across the four countries studied as to what constitutes a specialist diabetes nurse. The study module and all the materials (databank, on-line lectures, and interactive exercises) will be developed in English and translated into partners' national languages (Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian) to maximize the accessibility of all professionals in partner countrie
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