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Rao, J,Winfield, R,O'Brien, S
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Enhancement of Light Extraction From Resonant Cavity Light-Emitting Diodes Using a 2-D Grating Embossed in TiO2 Sol-Gel
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High refractive index sol-gel light extraction efficiency resonant cavity light-emitting diode (RCLED) soft embossing 2-D grating EFFICIENCY
To enhance the light extraction efficiency of a resonant cavity light-emitting diode (RCLED), a soft embossing technique was developed to fabricate a 2-D grating on the RCLED output surface. The optimal 2-D grating parameter was designed by a rigorous coupled wave analysis code. By embossing the 2-D grating on the output of a commercial RCLED, a 49% light extraction enhancement was achieved using a novel high refractive index (n = 2) TiO2 sol-gel and a 24% enhancement using a UV curable polymer with lower refractive index (n = 1.56). The overall emission pattern was also modified making the patterned RCLED potentially easier to couple into a fiber.
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