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Magno, M,Boyle, D,Brunelli, D,O'Flynn, B,Popovici, E,Benini, L
IEEE Transactions On Industrial Electronics
Extended Wireless Monitoring Through Intelligent Hybrid Energy Supply
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Energy efficiency fuel cell multisource energy harvesting power electronics power management wireless sensor networks SENSOR NETWORK SYSTEM MANAGEMENT
This paper presents the design, implementation, and characterization of a hardware platform applicable to wireless structural health monitoring (WSHM). The primary design goal is to devise a system capable of persistent operation for the duration of the life cycle of a target structure. It should be deployable during the construction phase and reconfigurable thereafter, suitable for continuous long-term monitoring. In addition to selecting the most energy efficient useful components to ensure the lowest possible power consumption, it is necessary to consider sources of energy other than, or complementary to, batteries. Thus, the platform incorporates multisource energy harvesting, electrochemical fuel cell (FC), energy storage, recharging capability, and intelligent operation through real-time energy information exchange with the primary controller. It is shown that, with appropriate integration, the device will have sufficient energy to operate perpetually in a distributed WSHM application. This conclusion is demonstrated through experimental results, simulations, and empirical-measurements that demonstrate the high-efficiency energy conversion of the harvesters (up to 86%) and low-power characteristics of the platform (less than 1 mW in sleep mode). It is shown that energy autonomy is comfortably achievable for duty cycles up to 0.75%, meeting the demands of the application, and up to 1.5%, invoking the FC.
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