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Mullally, BJ,Greiner, BA,Allwright, S,Paul, G,Perry, IJ
Irish journal of medical science
Prevalence of smoking among bar workers prior to the Republic of Ireland smokefree workplace legislation
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Smoking prevalence Legislation Bar workers Smoking ban Tobacco control ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO-SMOKE CIGARETTE CONSUMPTION EXPOSURE HEALTH IMPACT
This study establishes baseline prevalence of smoking and cigarette consumption among Cork bar workers prior to the Republic of Ireland's (ROI) smokefree workplace legislation and compares gender- and age-specific smoking rates and estimates the adjusted odds of being a smoker for Cork bar workers relative to the general population.Cross-sectional random sample of bar workers in Cork city and cross-sectional random telephone survey of the general population were conducted prior to the smokefree legislation.Self reported smoking prevalence among Cork bar workers (n = 129) was 54% (58% using cotinine-validated measures), with particularly high rates in women (70%) and 18-28 years old (72%). Within the ROI (n = 1,240) sub-sample rates were substantially lower at 28%. Bar workers were twice as likely to be smokers as the general population sub-sample (OR = 2.15).Cork bar workers constitute an occupational group with an extremely high smoking prevalence.
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