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Heimer-McGinn, V,Young, P
Efficient inducible Pan-neuronal cre-mediated recombination in SLICK-H transgenic mice
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Thy1 creER functional genomics cre driver neuron-specific knockout IN-VIVO EXPRESSION BRAIN FOREBRAIN KNOCKOUT
Large-scale functional genomics in mice is becoming feasible through projects to develop conditional knockout alleles for every gene. Inducible neuron-specific gene knockout in such mice will permit the analysis of neuronal phenotypes while circumventing developmental defects or embryonic lethality. Here we describe a transgenic line, termed SLICK-H, that facilitates widespread inducible conditional genetic manipulation within most populations of projection neurons. In SLICK-H mice, the Thy1 promoter drives robust and relatively uniform expression of a drug-inducible form of cre recombinase throughout the peripheral and central nervous system. This permits efficient induction of cre-mediated genetic manipulation upon tamoxifen administration in adult mice. Importantly, cre activity in the absence of tamoxifen is minimal, permitting tight control of recombination. In the present study, we catalog in detail the transgene expression patterns and recombination efficiencies in SLICK-H mice. Our results highlight the utility of SLICK-H mice for functional genomics in the nervous system. genesis 49:942949, 2011. (c) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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