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Byrne, J,Twomey, U,Maher, N,Devine, KJ,Jones, PW
Annals of Applied Biology
Detection of hatching inhibitors and hatching factor stimulants for golden potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis, in potato root leachate
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Globodera rostochiensis potato cyst nematode hatching factors root leachate hatching inhibitors hatching factor stimulants EGGS
In a comparison of four potato varieties, in-soil hatch of the golden potato cyst nematode (Globodera rostochiensis) was positively correlated to in vitro hatch in response to potato root leachate (PRL). The in-soil hatch of cysts of G. rostochiensis to two of the four varieties was significantly less than that of the control (cysts in gravel without potato plants) in the first 2 wk after plant emergence, suggesting the production of hatching inhibitors (HIs) by young potato plants. The hatching factor: hatching inhibitor ratio of PRL was positively associated with the net hatching activity of the PRL. Four zones of HI activity were resolved following gel permeation chromatography of PRL on Sephadex G-10. Hatch-inactive chemicals, which stimulated the activity of hatching factors (HFs) in PRL thatching factor stimulants, HSs), were also isolated from PRL, hatch levels induced by individual HFs responding differently to the same HS preparation. The complex interactions between individual HFs and other hatching chemicals in PRL was illustrated when addition of the hatch-active potato glycoalkaloid alpha-solanine caused both inhibition and stimulation of PRL-induced hatch, depending on the alpha-solanine concentration.
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