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Kulkarni, S,Roy, S,O'Donnell, T,Beeby, S,Tudor, J
Journal of Applied Physics
Vibration based electromagnetic micropower generator on silicon
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This paper discusses the theory, design and simulation of electromagnetic micropower generators with electroplated micromagnets. The power generators are fabricated using standard microelectromechanical system processing techniques. Electromagnetic two-dimensional finite element anlysis simulations are used to determine voltage and power that can be generated from different designs. This paper reports a maximum voltage and power of 55 mV and 70 mu W for the first design, incorporating microfabricated two-layer Cu coils on a Si paddle vibrating between two sets of oppositely polarized electroplated Co50Pt50 face centered tetragonal phase hard magnets. A peak voltage and power of 950 mV and 85 mu W are obtained for the second design, which includes electroplated Ni45Fe55 as a soft magnetic layer underneath the hard magnets. The volume of the device is about 30 mm(3). (C) 2006 American Institute of Physics.
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