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Saura, X,Sune, J,Monaghan, S,Hurley, PK,Miranda, E
Journal of Applied Physics
Analysis of the breakdown spot spatial distribution in Pt/HfO2/Pt capacitors using nearest neighbor statistics
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The breakdown spot spatial distribution in Pt/HfO2/Pt capacitors is investigated using nearest neighbor statistics in combination with more conventional estimation methods such as the point-event and event-event distance distributions. The spots appear as a random point pattern over the top metal electrode and arise as a consequence of significant localized thermal effects caused by the application of high-voltage ramped stress to the devices. The reported study mainly involves the statistical characterization of the distances between each failure site and the nearest, second nearest,... kth nearest event and the comparison with the corresponding theoretical distributions for a complete spatial randomness (CSR) process. A method for detecting and correcting deviations from CSR based on a precise estimation of the average point intensity and the effective damaged device area is proposed. (C) 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.
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