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Cuffe, J,Chavez, E,Shchepetov, A,Chapuis, PO,El Boudouti, EH,Alzina, F,Kehoe, T,Gomis-Bresco, J,Dudek, D,Pennec, Y,Djafari-Rouhani, B,Prunnila, M,Ahopelto, J,Torres, CMS
Nano Letters
Phonons in Slow Motion: Dispersion Relations in Ultrathin Si Membranes
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Confined phonons slow phonons ultrathin Si membranes dispersion relations inelastic light scattering THERMAL-CONDUCTIVITY SILICON NANOWIRES QUANTUM-WELL CONFINEMENT NANOPARTICLES DEFORMATION SCATTERING CRYSTALS FILMS
We report the changes in dispersion relations of hypersonic acoustic phonons in free-standing silicon membranes as thin as similar to 8 nm. We observe a reduction of the phase and group velocities of the fundamental flexural mode by more than 1 order of magnitude compared to bulk values. The modification of the dispersion relation in nanostructures has important consequences for noise control in nano- and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) as well as opto-mechanical devices.
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