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O'Brien, S,Copuroglu, M,Tassie, P,Nolan, MG,Hamilton, JA,Povey, I,Pereira, L,Martins, R,Fortunato, E,Pemble, ME
Thin Solid Films
The effect of dopants on the morphology, microstructure and electrical properties of transparent zinc oxide films prepared by the sol-gel method
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Zinc oxide Transparent conducting oxide Sol-gel Resistivity Morphology Crystallinity ZNO THIN-FILMS
The influence of doping on the morphology, physical and electrical properties of zinc oxide produced by the sol-gel method was examined. Undoped zinc oxide was observed to form relatively porous films. Addition of an Al dopant influenced the sheet resistance, but did not result in a change in morphology, examined by atomic force microscopy when compared to undoped films. In the case of electrical measurements, undoped ZnO films were extremely resistive. A minimum dopant concentration of 2 at.%. Al was required to produce materials which were more conductive, as observed by sheet resistance measurements, which were shown to vary with annealing temperature. The versatile nature of sol-gel processing was demonstrated by selective ink-jet deposition of sol-gel droplets which were annealed to form oxide materials. (C) 2011 Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.
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