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Sleiffer, VAJM,Jung, Y,Veljanovski, V,van Uden, RGH,Kuschnerov, M,Chen, H,Inan, B,Nielsen, LG,Sun, Y,Richardson, DJ,Alam, SU,Poletti, F,Sahu, JK,Dhar, A,Koonen, AMJ,Corbett, B,Winfield, R,Ellis, AD,de Waardt, H
Optics Express
73.7 Tb/s (96 x 3 x 256-Gb/s) mode-division-multiplexed DP-16QAM transmission with inline MM-EDFA
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Transmission of a 73.7 Tb/s (96x3x256-Gb/s) DP-16QAM mode-division-multiplexed signal over 119km of few-mode fiber transmission line incorporating an inline multi mode EDFA and a phase plate based mode (de-)multiplexer is demonstrated. Data-aided 6x6 MIMO digital signal processing was used to demodulate the signal. The total demonstrated net capacity, taking into account 20% of FEC-overhead and 7.5% additional overhead (Ethernet and training sequences), is 57.6 Tb/s, corresponding to a spectral efficiency of 12 bits/s/Hz. (C)2012 Optical Society of America
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