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Copuroglu, M,O'Brien, S,Malic, B,Kuznik, B,Kosec, M,Zhu, XH,Defay, E,Winfield, R
Thin Solid Films
UV-/thermal processing of sol-gel-derived lead-magnesium-niobium titanate thin films
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Ferroelectrics Sol-gel method UV-irradiation Rapid thermal annealing Characterisation PEROVSKITE PHASE
This work aimed to describe the sol-gel synthesis and preparation of a near-morphotropic phase boundary lead-magnesium-niobium titanate (PMNT) material system, and to investigate the influences of room-temperature-UV-irradiation and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) processes on the properties of its thin films. It was postulated that the use of UV-irradiation prior to thermal processing could play a role in the generation of a structural difference that would manifest itself via the formation of a higher film thickness, which was more pronounced at higher RTA temperatures The PMNT thin film system described here (particularly those annealed at higher temperatures) appeared to be potentially suitable for ultrahigh-value-capacitor applications; the unexposed film annealed at 750 degrees C exhibited the highest high k value (1425) with a strongly pronounced perovskite phase (97%). (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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