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Reynolds, K; Murray, ED; O'Riordan, A; Redmond, G
Applied Physics Part A: Materials Science & Processing
Self-assembly of a linear mesoscale tetramer with electrical connectivity
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Capillary interaction-based self-assembly of block-shaped mesoscale components into an electrically interconnected 1-D tetramer is reported. Low melting point solder droplets, selectively patterned on the faces of the blocks, were employed to drive the sequential alignment, registration, linking and electrical interconnection of each block. The solder patterns were designed so that successful assembly would only occur when the solder patterns on one block face were correctly aligned with those on the face of an adjacent block. For assembly, the blocks were agitated in a flask containing KBr solution. At 60 degrees C the solder was molten, and collisions between blocks enabled the solder menisci to easily interact. To minimize interfacial free energy, the menisci coalesced and quickly drove the interacting blocks to form a stable, registered and aligned assembly. When agitation was terminated and the solution cooled, the self-aligned, linear tetrameric arrangement of blocks was permanently captured by solder solidification, a process that provided good mechanical bonding and electrical interconnection between each block.
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