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O'Sullivan, BJ,O'Connor, E,Howley, R,Hurley, PK,Zhang, JY,Kaliwoh, N,Fang, Q,Boyd, IW,Dubourdieu, C,Audier, MA,Senateur, JP,Davies, HO,Leedham, TJ,Jones, AC,Semmache, B
Journal De Physique Iv
Effects of active surface nitridation on the properties of high permittivity films deposited by UV-assisted CVD
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An in situ low temperature chemical vapour deposition (CVD) system, featuring surface nitridation, dielectric layer deposition and post deposition anneal is presented. Processing is performed under the influence of ultra-violet radiation. After a range of nitridation treatments, Ta(2)O(5) films are deposited and the effects of the N(2)O step on the dielectric films are analysed, From the electrical analysis performed, the nitridation step reduces the SiO(2) equivalent thickness and leakage currents flowing, while also increasing the effective breakdown field of the films. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis reveals a thinner interface layer between substrate and dielectric, with increasing nitridation time.
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