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Yan, ZY,Sousa-Gallagher, MJ,Oliveira, FAR
International Journal of Food Science and Technology
Effect of temperature and initial moisture content on sorption isotherms of banana dried by tunnel drier
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banana modelling moisture content sorption isotherm temperature DESORPTION ISOTHERMS ADSORPTION PINEAPPLE PLANTAIN HUMIDITY MODELS GASES
Sorption isotherms of intermediate moisture content (IMC) products are essential to predict shelf-life of packaged moisture-sensitive product by modelling moisture uptake during storage and distribution. The effect of temperature and initial moisture content (MC) of IMC banana on the relationship between MC and water activity were investigated. Raw bananas were dried in a tunnel dryer at 2% relative humidity (RH), 70 degrees C, and a 3.2 +/- 0.2 m s(-1) air velocity. Drying procedure was carried out a number of times until various IMC levels were obtained (5%, 14%, 22% and 33% db for banana). Sorption isotherms of bananas were determined at 10, 20, 30 and 40 degrees C. The initial MC of IMC banana had no significant effect on the relationship between MC and water activity according to statistical analysis. All the sorption curves were found to be Type II. BET, GAB, modified GAB, Oswin, Halsey and modified Freundlich models were fitted to the data and it was found that the best results were obtained with a modified Freundlich equation. A secondary modified Freundlich model was built accounting for the effect of a(w) and temperature on the sample MC.
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