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Ansari, L,Feldman, B,Fagas, G,Lacambra, CM,Haverty, MG,Kuhn, KJ,Shankar, S,Greer, JC
IEEE Transactions On Nanotechnology
First Principle-Based Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Silicon Nanowire Junctionless Transistors
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Carbon nanotube (CNT) density functional theory electron transport electronic structure nonequilibrium Greens function (NEGF) silicon nanowire transistor FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTORS
Junctionless transistors made of silicon have previously been demonstrated experimentally and by simulations. Junctionless devices do not require fabricating an abrupt source-drain junction, and thus, can be easier to implement in aggressive geometries. In this paper, we explore a similar architecture for aggressively scaled devices with the channel consisting of doped carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Gate all around field effect transistor (FET) structures are investigated for n- and p-type doping. Current-voltage characteristics and subthreshold characteristics for a CNT-based junctionless FET is compared with a junctionless silicon nanowire FET with comparable dimensions. Despite the higher on-current of the CNT channels, the device characteristics are poorer compared to the silicon devices due to the smaller CNT bandgap.
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