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Lorke, M,Seebeck, J,Gartner, P,Jahnke, F,Schulz, S
Applied Physics Letters
Excitation-induced energy shifts in the optical gain spectra of InN quantum dots
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carrier density electron-phonon interactions III-V semiconductors indium compounds infrared spectra self-assembly semiconductor quantum dots tight-binding calculations ultraviolet spectra visible spectra SPONTANEOUS EMISSION STRAINED WURTZITE LASERS SEMICONDUCTORS ENHANCEMENT FIELD
A microscopic theory for the optical absorption and gain spectra of InN quantum-dot systems is used to study the combined influence of material properties and interaction-induced effects. Atomistic tight-binding calculations for the single-particle properties of the self-assembled quantum-dot and wetting-layer system are used in conjunction with a many-body description of Coulomb interaction and carrier phonon interaction. We analyze the carrier-density and temperature dependence of strong excitation-induced energy shifts of the dipole-allowed quantum-dot transitions.
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