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Schulz, S,Berube, A,O'Reilly, EP
Physical Review B: Rapid Communications
Polarization fields in nitride-based quantum dots grown on nonpolar substrates
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aluminium compounds gallium compounds ground states III-V semiconductors indium compounds polarisation semiconductor quantum dots substrates wide band gap semiconductors ALUMINUM NITRIDE SEMICONDUCTORS COEFFICIENT
We use a surface-integral method to determine the polarization potential in nitride-based quantum dots (QDs) grown on a nonpolar substrate. There is uncertainty in the literature regarding the sign of the piezoelectric constant e(15). We find that only a negative e(15) can give the reduced electrostatic built-in field found experimentally in nonpolar GaN/AlN QDs. Our analysis of nonpolar InN/GaN QDs indicates that a significant built-in field remains in these structures. We calculate that despite the reduced polarization potential, ground-state electrons and holes can remain spatially separated in GaN/AlN QDs.
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