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E Moore, A Paschero, W Messina, E McLoughlin
IEEE Sensors Journal
Multi-parameter on-line cell health monitoring system
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An integrated cell based biochip microsystem platform that examines the effects of toxic chemicals on cells relevant to human health was developed. The novelty of this platform lies with the integration of mixed sensor technologies with fluidic capability that enables multi-parameter detection, with greater versatility for the end user then what is already currently available. It successfully integrated both optical (imaging) and electrical (impedance, pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen sensors) detection into a platform system with fluidic control. The developed technology uses impedance analysis, which enables accurate, sensitive and reliable assays to be performed in real time and under constant automated monitoring. These types of biosensors offer the potential to study the behaviour of cells in a non-destructive assay format. This technology will have major beneficial implications in research areas such as neurology, cytotoxicity and pharmacology.
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