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Carmen Moldovan, Rodica Iosub, Radu Cornel, Eric Moore, Anna Paschero, Walter Messina, Danilo Demarchi, Cecilia Codreanu, Daniel Necula, Nita Codreanu, Adrian Dinescu, Bogdan Firtat
Sensor system for on-line monitoring of cell cultures
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The paper is presenting the development of a sensor system dedicated to monitor the environment of eukaryotic cells culture acting as biosensors for toxins detection. The system we are presenting is containing pH, and temperature sensors integrated into microfluidic channels. The sensors have the role to characterize the cells living conditions (temperature and pH) and are monitoring the cell biochip 24 h a day providing data acquisition Labview based. The continuous 46 h pH monitoring has been performed and the data will be presented. These data are stored for interpretation and decision. The sensors characteristics will be presented. The sensor system for on-line monitoring of cell cultures is designed to ensure that cells are maintained at 37degC and that both the sensing and electrical contacts function and perform under such conditions. The regulation of the temperature at 37degC within the system ensures that on during analysis is maintained a stable environment which will prolong the lifetime of the cells.
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