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Woods, D.
2015 September
Coinage and History in the Seventh Century Near East 4
Notes on Two Imperial Image Obverse Types: The Falconer and the Seated Couple
Archetype Publications
London, UK
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Coinage Falconer Arab-Byzantine Sceatta Pseudo-Damascus Scythopolis Gerasa Phoenix Tyche
The ''falconer' on the obverse of a group of Arab-Byzantine coins attributed to the pseudo-Damascus mint derives from a depiction of a 4th-century emperor holding a phoenix-surmounted globe (as does the 'falconer' on Anglo-Saxon sceattas). The seated couple on the obverse of the Arab-Byzantine coins from Scythopolis may have been intended to depict the Tychai of Scythopolis and a second town, probably Gerasa.
Andrew Oddy, Ingrid Schulze and Wolfgang Schulze
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