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Marraccini, Philip J.; Baxley, Cody; Riza, Nabeel A.
SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Conf. Vol. 8026, Paper 9
Digital Micromirror Device-Based Robust Object Boundary Mapping Sensor
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Optical Instrumentation DMD Boundary Sensor Sensors Digital micromirror devices Image processing Imaging systems Target detection Edge detection Micromirrors
Orlando, Florida, United States
This paper presents a novel, non-intrusive, non-contact object boundary mapping sensor using a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) and real-time pixel processing. The presented sensor is ideal for use in environments where brightly illuminated or radiating objects are in a hazardous environment such as in environments with radiation, heat, cold, harmful machine parts, etc. Experimental results demonstrate the boundary mapping sensor for a rectangular target and a multi-square target illuminated by visible wavelengths.
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