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Marraccini, Philip J.; Riza, Nabeel A.
SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Conference: Proceedings of SPIE 8026, Photonic Applications for Aerospace, Transportation, and Harsh Environment I
High Resolution Wide Dynamic Range Distance Sensor using Spatial Signal Processing
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Sensors Charge-coupled devices Distance measurement Environmental sensing Mirrors Signal processing Spatial resolution Diffraction Liquids Optical resolution
Orlando, Florida, United States
This paper presents a non-intrusive, non-contact object distance mapping sensor using an Electronically Controlled Variable Focus Lens (ECVFL). The proposed sensor is a free-space-based optical sensor that uses ECVFL-based agile optics to direct light from a object that requires terrain height mapping. The presented compact design makes the proposed sensor ideal for use in environments where laser illuminated objects are in a hazardous environment such as in environments with radiation, heat, cold, harmful machine parts, etc. The proposed design uses a few optical components and smart detection optics for making its object distance/terrain measurements. The presented sensor can find potential remote sensing applications in ground and space vehicle maneuvering, machine parts inspection and in chemical, transportation and aerospace industries.
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