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Lisa Van Der Werff, Theo Lynn, Huanhuan Xiaong, Graham Hunt, John Morrison, Philip Healy, David Corcoran
ICDS 2014, The Eighth International Conference on Digital Society
Building Trust in the Cloud Environment: Towards a Consumer Cloud Trust Label
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Cloud computing; trust; nutrition label; risk
Barcelona, Spain
Low consumer trust presents a significant barrier to cloud service adoption and the growth of the cloud industry. The cloud environment is generally perceived to have high levels of uncertainty and risk. Trust plays a central role in allowing consumers to overcome this risk when making adoption decisions. This paper discusses the characteristics of cloud services that form the basis for consumer trust decisions and argues that service providers need a more transparent, accessible method of communicating these characteristics to potential consumers. As such, this paper is directly relevant to conference tracks discussing consumer-oriented digital services and in particular the topic of consumer trust in digital society. Drawing on the nutrition label concept and aspects of previous computational trust models, we propose a dynamic trust label for cloud computing. The cloud trust label aims at present real time and cumulative metrics to consumers in an easily understandable format. In doing so, the label can be used to aid knowledge based trust decisions and ultimately encourage adoption of cloud services.
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Enterprise Ireland