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M. N. Petrovich and F. Poletti and J. P. Wooler and A.M. Heidt and N.K. Baddela and Z. Li and D.R. Gray and R. Slav\'ik and F. Parmigiani and N.V. Wheeler and J.R. Hayes and E. Numkam and L. Gr\Huner-Nielsen and B. P\'alsd\'ottir and R. Phelan and B. Kelly and John O'Carroll and M. Becker and N. MacSuibhne and J. Zhao and F.C. Garcia Gunning and A.D. Ellis and P. Petropoulos and S.U. Alam and D.J. Richardson
Optics Express
Demonstration of amplified data transmission at 2 microns in a low-loss wide bandwidth hollow core photonic bandgap fiber
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The first demonstration of a hollow core photonic bandgap fiber (HC-PBGF) suitable for high-rate data transmission in the 2 microns waveband is presented. The fiber has a record low loss for this wavelength region (4.5 dB/km at 1980 nm) and a 150 nm wide surface-mode-free transmission window at the center of the bandgap. Detailed analysis of the optical modes and their propagation along the fiber, carried out using a time-of-flight technique in conjunction with spatially and spectrally resolved (S2) imaging, provides clear evidence that the HC-PBGF can be operated as quasi-single mode even though it supports up to four mode groups. Through the use of a custom built Thulium doped fiber amplifier with gain bandwidth closely matched to the fiber's low loss window, error-free 8 Gbit/s transmission in an optically amplified data channel at 2008 nm over 290 m of 19 cell HC-PBGF is reported.
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European Framework Programme Seven (FP7)