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Geaney, H.; Collins, G.; Glynn, C.; Holmes, J. D.; O’Dwyer, C.
ECS Transactions
Palladium Nanoparticles As Catalysts for Li-O2 battery Cathodes
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This report investigates the influence of electrolyte selection and the addition of Pd nanoparticle catalysts on the morphology of discharge products for Li-O2 battery cathodes. Super P carbon cathodes (on stainless steel current collectors) were subjected to single discharges at various applied currents (50 μA, 100 μA, 250 μA) using either a sulfolane/LiTFSI or TEGDME/LITFSI electrolyte. The morphologies of the discharge product were noted to be different for each electrolyte while there was also a clear variation with respect to applied current. Finally, the impact of adding 25% (by weight) Pd nanoparticle catalysts to the cathodes was investigated. The results obtained show clearly that the nature of discharge products for Li-O2 battery cathodes are strongly dependent on applied current, electrolyte choice and the addition of a catalyst material.
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