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Armour, K.M. & Chambers, F.C.
Sport Education and Society
‘Sport & Exercise Pedagogy’. The case for a new integrative sub-discipline in the field of Sport & Exercise Sciences/ Kinesiology/Human Movement Sciences
Optional Fields
Sport and Exercise Pedagogy; Physical Activity and Health; Life Course Learning; Multidisciplinarity; Integrative Knowledge; Pedagogical Cases
Special Issue
The European Union Sport Unit has identified the societal and educational role of sport as a central topic in its new research agenda. It is argued that European Union (EU) citizens should be supported to learn continuously across the life course. In the sport/physical activity (PA) context, the role of teachers, coaches and exercise instructors (among others) is pivotal to the delivery of this aspiration. Yet, in this paper, we argue that entrenched barriers between teaching, coaching and exercise instruction and the lack of a well-developed, integrative underpinning knowledge base centred on pedagogy are serious impediments. We suggest that the development of a new integrative subdiscipline in the Academy may help pedagogy, and pedagogy academics, to make a stronger contribution to addressing these barriers and gaps. ‘Sport & Exercise Pedagogy’ (SEP) is proposed as an education-based, boundarycrossing, multi/interdisciplinary area of study located in the field known variously as ‘Sport & Exercise Sciences’, ‘Kinesiology’ and ‘Human Movement Sciences’. SEP places individuals and their life course learning at its core. A new cross-border1 policy initiative from the island of Ireland illustrates the potential for SEP to contribute to PA/public health agendas.
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