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Belton, Alexander C.R.; Wills, Stephen J.
Annales De LInstitut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilités Et Statistiques
An algebraic construction of quantum flows with unbounded generators
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quantum dynamical semigroup quantum Markov semigroup CPC semigroup strongly continuous semigroup semigroup dilation Feller cocycle higher-order Itô product formula random walks on discrete groups quantum exclusion process non-commutative torus
It is shown how to construct ∗-homomorphic quantum stochastic Feller cocycles for certain unbounded generators, and so obtain dilations of strongly continuous quantum dynamical semigroups on C^∗ algebras; this generalises the construction of a classical Feller process and semigroup from a given generator. Our construction is possible provided the generator satisfies an invariance property for some dense subalgebra A_0 of the C^∗ algebra A and obeys the necessary structure relations; the iterates of the generator, when applied to a generating set for A_0, must satisfy a growth condition. Furthermore, it is assumed that either the subalgebra A_0 is generated by isometries and A is universal, or A_0 contains its square roots. These conditions are verified in four cases: classical random walks on discrete groups, Rebolledo’s symmetric quantum exclusion process and flows on the non-commutative torus and the universal rotation algebra.
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