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A. Ruschhaupt and J. G. Muga
Physical Review A
Adiabatic interpretation of a two-level atom diode, a laser device for unidirectional transmission of ground-state atoms
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We present a generalized two-level scheme for an "atom diode," namely, a laser device that lets a two-level ground-state atom pass in one direction, say from left to right, but not in the opposite direction. The laser field is composed of two lateral state-selective mirror regions and a central pumping region. We demonstrate the robustness of the scheme and propose a physical realization. It is shown that the inclusion of a counterintuitive laser field blocking the excited atoms on the left side of the device is essential for a perfect diode effect. The reason for this, the diodic behavior, and the robustness may be understood with an adiabatic approximation. The conditions to break down the approximation, which imply also the diode failure, are analyzed.
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