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Madamopoulos, Nicholas; Riza, Nabeel A.
Proceedings of SPIE, 3160, Optical Technology for Microwave Applications VIII, Optical Science, Engineering and Instrumentation '97
Adaptable delay balanced loss switched photonic time delay modules for antenna arrays
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Photonic beam-forming Photonic delay lines Phased array antennas Phased array optics Signal to noise ratio Reflectivity Polarization Antennas Signal attenuation Optical fibers
San Diego, USA
A binary photonic delay line (PDL) module is proposed that gives balanced or equal gain/loss switched states. The module is based on a reflective and symmetric geometry and is adjustable to a wide range of time delays. Theoretical analysis as well as experimental demonstration of the proposed PDL architecture is performed. Issues such as electrical signal-to-noise ratio and relative output signal power between the two PDL settings are discussed.
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