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Kenny, M; Fourie, R
13th Annual Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Meeting, Jacksonville, FL
The Four Stages of Parental Experience: Receiving an Early Diagnosis of a Child’s Hearing Detection and Intervention (EDHI) Meeting
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
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Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening (UNHS) is a recent phenomenon in the Irish Health Care System. A pilot UNHS programme was introduced in Cork, Ireland in 2011, and is presently in the process of being implemented nationally in maternity hospitals across Ireland. This implementation was precipitated by the National Audiology Review Group Report (2011) which criticized the lack of early identification of hearing loss in Ireland as well as the lack of timely early intervention and adequate family support. This PhD research arose from this context and is specifically concerned with the imperative to support UNHS is implemented across Ireland. Objectives of this Research: Understand & conceptualize parents’ experiences of receiving and coping with an early diagnosis of hearing loss. Apply results to care pathways in Ireland by making recommendations for improvement. Methods Philosophical Framework: Post-Positivism / Critical Realism Methodological Framework: Straussian Grounded Theory Emic, Inductive, and Qualitative Methodology Research Completed to Date: 11 Semi-Structured Interviews with 12 Participants: 8 Parents; 4 Professionals Average Interview lasted 1.5 hours Research to Come: 3 Interviews with 3 Parents Presentation of Research & Focus Group with Parents Presentation of Research & Focus Group with Professionals Questionnaire for Focus Group Participants