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Toncelli C, Arzhakova OV, Dolgova A, Volynskii AL, Bakeev NF, Kerry JP, Papkovsky DB
Analytical chemistry
Oxygen-sensitive phosphorescent nanomaterials produced from high-density polyethylene films by local solvent-crazing.
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Discrete solid-state phosphorescent oxygen sensors produced by local solvent-crazing of high density polyethylene films are described. The simple spotting of dye solution followed by tensile drawing of the polymer substrate provides uniform nanostructures with good spatial control, effective encapsulation of dye molecules, and quenchability by O2. The dye-polymer composite sensors prepared using toluene as a solvent and stabilized by annealing at high temperature, show moderate optical signals, near-optimal sensitivity to O2 (RSD at 21 KPa 1.9%), and reproducible phosphorescence lifetime readings. Calibration experiments performed over 0-25 kPa O2 and 10-30 C temperatures ranges reveal linear Stern-Volmer plots and temperature dependences and minimal effect of humidity on sensor calibration. The high degree of lateral and in-depth homogeneity of these O2-sensitive materials was confirmed by high-resolution atomic force and wide-field optical microscopy, including 2D and 3D phosphorescence lifetime imaging.
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