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Bernadette Cronin
Contemporary Theatre Review
Post-Memory and the Holocaust: `Auf der Suche nach Jakob/Searching for Jacob/Szukajac Jakuba' - A Project against Forgetting
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This article explores the idea of memory-work as theatre in the context of a co-production between the Viennese free theatre company Projekt Theater Studio and the US director Lee Breuer of Mabou Mines, New York. By memory-work is meant here the quest to give theatrical representation to the experience of growing up with the silence of a generation who had directly experienced the horrors of the Second World War but who had not managed to share their memories with their families, memories which continued to get handed down in the form of mediated memories, shaping the lives of the subsequent generations. The memories in question relate specifically to the director of the Viennese company, Eva Brenner, an individual history that can, however, be regarded as symbolic of the histories of many of her generation in Austria. The theatre maker is configured in this article as an archaeologist digging down through the sedimented strata of time, using memory as a medium for exploring the past, retrieving fragments and shards, which are then assembled to create an image of the past. The fact that the performance consisted of two separate montages of similar material, one directed by Breuer and the other by Brenner, allowed for a consideration of the idea that the assemblage yields as much an image of the individual storyteller as it does of the past in question.
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