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Research Report
Niall P. Dunphy, John E. Morrissey, Rosemarie D. MacSweeney
Analysis of Stakeholder Interaction within Building Energy Efficiency Market
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The deliverable reports on a process of inVdepth stakeholder identification and mapping, developed and enacted specifically for UMBRELLA. Stakeholder mapping and identification is achieved in a stepVwise manner. First, a model for the lifecycle of a generic construction project is developed, including six stages or so-called ‘Hubs of Activity’. The six articulated Hubs include: upstream activities; initiation and viability; design and planning; construction and implementation; operation and maintenance, and end-of-life and downstream activities. This model synthesises insights from a broad ranging review of the literature, and forwards a coherent approach through which to structure the analysis of value generation activities through the energy efficiency supply chain. Articulated stages are discrete in their own right, but are also inter-linked and co-dependent. While distinctions can be made to the level of identified Hubs of Activity, the boundaries between these Hubs are not absolute. Second, a description of the stakeholders located around each Hub is forwarded, including a mapping of these in terms of specific power-interest matrices.
UMBRELLA FP7 project
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European Framework Programme Seven (FP7)
Grant Agreement No 314343